Remedi 20th Anniversary: Case Study 25

CASE STUDY: Burglary Dwelling

Background to Case:

The case was self-initiated.

Chris was a lodger at the home of Mr. Brown. Chris had lived at the address for approximately 3 weeks prior to the offence. Before this neither Mr. Brown or Chris knew each other. Initially they got on well they shared food and Chris would do jobs around the house. As time went on Mr. Brown discovered that Chris was not being entirely truthful about his work status. He became further suspicious when he was out shopping and the cashier told him that he only had one more attempt to enter his pin number. The following day he found his cash card missing. Mr. Brown contacted his bank to discover £490 had been withdrawn.


 Mr. Brown is a single man who said he wanted to give Chris a chance and was also looking for a lodger for company and to help with bills.


Chris had been having problems at home and also with his ex-partner and wanted needed somewhere to live.

 The Process:

 Initially Mr. Brown did not want to meet with Chris but after further contacts he agreed. Chris said that he wanted to meet with Mr. Brown to apologize. Mr. Brown told Chris how the offence had impacted on him and as a result he was worried about taking in another lodger. He told him that he felt betrayed and as it had happened around Christmas time made it difficult financially. Mr. Brown asked questions that he wanted answering which were by Chris together with an apology.


 Mr. Brown said that he was fine and was glad he went ahead with meeting Chris and got answers to the questions he had.

Chris said that he had found it hard to meet with Mr. Brown but was pleased he had as he had been able to apologize to him. Also if they were to meet each other he knew it would not be a problem.