Who We Are: Mission Statement

Who We Are: Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Remedi want to work WITH people to enable them to be the people they can and want to be.

We want to be the most influential and reputable provider of restorative services and training and be leaders and innovators in the field of restorative practice.

We want our staff and volunteers to feel valued, respected and included in everything we do, so they are motivated to be happy, helpful and supportive to others.

Above all we want the people we work WITH to be confident and empowered individuals who feel unique, safe and understood.

We believe that everyone we work WITH has something to contribute and, by listening to and caring for each other, we can all become the best we can be.

Core Values

WITH: Remedi work ‘WITH’ people, expressing high levels of care for and belief in others.

The people we can and want to be: Everyone has the right to explore and realise their own needs and desires with the care, support and belief of others.

Biggest and Reputable: Remedi have a proven track record of delivering high quality restorative services and training. We actively promote the use of restorative principles and practice wherever people form personal or professional relationships

Leaders and Innovators: We will be at the forefront of designing and delivering restorative practice in diverse fields and situations. We will be recognised as the go to organisation for advice and training in restorative practice.

Valued, Respected, Included: Everyone we work WITH has a right to feel proud of things they have achieved and to be told when they have done well. Their views deserve to be heard without judgement and they should feel an integral part of any professional relationship.

Motivated and Happy: People do things better when they want to do them and are positive about doing them.

Helpful and Supportive: The core aim of everything we do is to support and guide people to become the people they can and want to be.

Confident and Empowered: Being confident and empowered means we can make good choices that achieve positive outcomes for ourselves and others. It allows us to be free to choose and follow our own path with the support of others.

Unique: Remedi recognise the diversity of the people we work WITH. We ensure training and working practices are flexible and personalised to individual needs.

Safe: Everyone has a right to feel safe from harm. Our policies, services and training provide safeguarding for all the people we work WITH.

Understood: Remedi utilise restorative skills to ensure we communicate in a way that promotes mutual understanding, even where there is disagreement.

Belief, Listening, Caring: Relationships are integral to everything we do and positive relationships exist where there is high belief, listening and care between organisations and individuals.