Who We Are: Overview

Who We Are: Overview

Steve JonesSteve Jones, Director


Established in 1996 with the simple aim of offering victims of crime the opportunity to engage in a restorative intervention with the person responsible. The key principles, ethos and vision our organisation was founded on are still at the heart of the work we undertake today.

Voluntary, Impartial, and Supportive

From our initial starting point as a small project working in partnership with the Sheffield Probation Service Remedi have expanded significantly across the UK

We work in partnership with the multiple Youth Offending Teams and Offices of the Police and Crime Commissioner in several regions. In addition we are  contracted nationally by the Victim Support Homicide Service to provide Restorative Justice in cases of murder, manslaughter and death by dangerous driving.

Remedi are one of the UK’s leading facilitators of Restorative Justice services across the youth and adult criminal justice arena.


From our inception we have developed a wide range of restorative approaches across the youth and adult criminal justice systems, within community settings and in response to conflict wherever it may arise. This has led to extensive development of family based interventions.

Our ‘restorative’ ethos has also informed our development of mentoring support programmes where facilitators are trained not only to be mentors but also as restorative practitioners.

Since 2005 Remedi have also been a registered Restorative Justice training provider with the Restorative Justice Council (RJC) . We pride ourselves on the bespoke approach we take to training in order to ensure the purchasing agency receives the most appropriate package for them.

In 2015 Remedi secured our first contract to provide victim services across the County of Derbyshire. We take a completely needs focused approach to this work providing both emotional and practical support for victims of crime.