What We Do: Restorative Action Projects

What We Do: Restorative Action Projects

In the youth justice arena many young people are required to undertake reparation as a part of their order. Reparation most usually takes the form of some kind of community work undertaken by the young person as part of a court order. This has been frequently termed community ‘payback’.

Remedi facilitate Reparation in a number of youth justice services under the operational name:

The approach Remedi takes to this process ensures that the activities being organised:

  • Are a positive and constructive experience for the young person.
  • Recognise and utilise the creative abilities of the young person.
  • Directly benefit the young person’s community in a real way.
  • Respect the views of any identified victim/s in the case.
  • Enable the young person to experience a sense of achievement through their work.

Projects we have supported young people to deliver have included:

  • Local conservation and environmental projects
  • Planning, preparing and facilitating local awareness campaigns: Knife crime, Hate Crime, Adolescent Mental Health for example.
  • Arts based projects- Poster campaigns, cartooning and short film production.
  • Working with the young people we are able to develop their own ideas for community beneficial projects.

    Here’s what some of the young people who have taken part have had to say:


    “I really enjoyed the reparation project. It made me feel good about myself knowing that I made a difference to other people.”


    “It made me really think about hate crime and understand it a lot better, I’m glad I’ve had a chance to be part of the project because it will make a difference.”


    “Reparation was the best thing I have done. Knowing that I have helped other people makes me feel good about myself.”