Remedi 20th Anniversary: Case Study 15

CASE STUDY: Interfering/Tampering with a Motor Vehicle

Background to Case:

 This was a case referred to us by the local Youth Offending Service regarding the interfering/tampering with a motor vehicle at a local car dealership. The offence had been committed by Steve 14 who had received a 3 month Youth Caution as a result.

Steve has been going home by himself after a party, when he threw rocks at several cars which were parked outside a local car dealership. He has smashed the windows, scratched the cars and then searched the vehicles.


 I visited Mo who is the manager of the local car dealership who explained that the offence affects both the car dealership as a business and them as staff personally. There was high financial cost on the business (£600 per car).

Mo also informed me that his bonus was withheld until head office had investigated the cause of damage. He therefore did not receive this until 6 weeks later and was due to go on holiday. This was therefore a huge inconvenience for him financially.

 Mo wanted to meet Steve in a direct RJ to explain the impact that offence had on the business and him personally.


 Steve admitted to the offence and was very apologetic. He said he was very drunk from the party and has never done anything like this before. He wanted to meet the victim to say sorry for what he did.

The Process:

 After my initial victim visit and further communication with the victim I completed a number of victim awareness sessions with Steve. During one of these sessions I read him a victim impact statement and showed him photos of the cars that had been damaged. Steve was visibly shocked by the damage he had caused as due to be intoxicated had not remembered the extent of the damage.

Following further preparation visits to both sides we arranged the direct meeting. Mo outlined the impacts the crime had on both the business and on him personally. Steve responded to Mo that he was ashamed by his actions and he was sorry. Mo spoke to Steve about completing his education and staying out of further trouble. Mo told Steve he ‘understands people make mistakes’ but encouraged him to move on from this.


I completed a follow up visit with Mo who said that he was happy with the process and understands that everyone makes mistakes so he hopes that Steve can learn from this and move on.

Steve said that he was satisfied with the process because he ‘got to say sorry’. He said that we would recommend RJ to others ‘because it will show them what they have really done’.